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In March 3, 2020

Southern California’s security leaders

In today’s market, you can find many companies that offer security services and you will have to choose the one that suits your needs, specifically the one that offers you the most freedom to take care of the matters: your time and job security.

That’s why we believe in going above and beyond our duty as a security company to offer you the most control over what happens on the premises.We file written reports to you on every eventuality that may arise on the day to day life over your properties.

A private security officer’s responsibility here in Steadfast Security is protecting their assignment from a variety of hazards usually in the form of criminal acts but as rare as they are, we keep an eye out for malfunctions that occur on a regular basis, write the location of it, the extent of the damage, time when happened or found, and send the report to you so you may deal with it any way you deem fit.

We aim to be an extension of you at all times and understand that your job is to run things and make them work; and OUR job is to help you run things smoother.

We are Steadfast Security Inc. We give you peace of mind and the security you need.

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