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Why are security officers and police always the bad guys?

I would like to start this weekly blog post with a question: Why are we always the bad guys?

Obviously it sounds as if I was talking about the security guards, but no, not really; it applies but it is not my intention, I am actually talking about all kinds of authority.

Why do security guards are always the bad evil man that forces us to do thing we don’t want to do?

…and as a result we discharge all our hatred and disavowal onto the person that represents it, it is imprinted on all of us as little children when our parents forced us to do things like cleaning, eating on time, sharing, or many other ways that their authority had an impact on each of us.

Obviously abusive parents create more authority resistant adults, these troubled persons are the ones that need the most help when dealing with following the rules, and therefore they will answer sometimes in a very harsh way.

Security guards and police officers risking their lives on the job to keep you safe

They are the ones that actually expose law enforcement officers, security guards or any kind of authority figures that they may encounter with abuse videos, most of the people (me included) when they see the video see the abuse of power, and the aftermath of an ill-fated discussion, but there’s more to it (there’s always the racism card, but this is not about that).

We can only judge what we see, and we see a security guard pushing and shoving someone out of a shopping mall, a police officer throwing someone to the ground, we see bosses firing people being very rude about it but we need to take a moment and understand the situation. If we retaliate to an aggression and we get caught on tape we are the bad guys, even if we are not; just like football the first man to throw a punch is not likely to be penalized as the officials will probably see the retaliation instead of the start of the fight.

We are the officials of our society; we have to always give the benefit of the doubt when watching one of these videos or hearing one side of the story, nobody´s the bad guy in his own story, so I invite to stop looking for the bad guys in all stories and understand each side. If you would be putting yourself in the position to be a difference maker, as Orson Scott Card said:

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.”

I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves.
It is hard to do but not impossible, we may try to get there, we will fail many times but if one time we get it done right, all our troubles will be for the good of us all.

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