Social Unrest and Security: Why Protests Call For Strong Security Presence

In September 3, 2020

Across the U.S., social unrest, protests, and demonstrations continue to happen as citizens practice their constitutional right to protest about race relations and other hot-button topics.

In many cases, these protests have called for an increased security presence, particularly as some have led to looting, violence, and destruction of property. Here’s everything you need to know and how private security can keep your business safe during these moments of unrest.

The Broader Context
In the wake of the death of George Floyd, ever-increasing stay-at-home orders, and other moments of strife, protests have steadily maintained their presence across the country. And in many instances, peaceful demonstrations have turned violent or devolved into full-blown riots.

In this context, many locations – including residential neighborhoods, business complexes, and shopping centers – are seeking an increased guard presence to help protect their properties.

The key here? To find a security team that will protect your property and your people by de-escalating situations, responding quickly, and providing fair and safe resolutions. Here’s how security guards can help.

Why You Should Consider Security Guards for Your Property

To Provide Fair Protection
At Steadfast Security Inc, our guards go through cultural diversity training to avoid issues like racial profiling or unfair treatment of citizens.

Furthermore, our guards are taught to always avoid overly aggressive or forceful measures when dealing with trespassers, vagrants, or other individuals you don’t want on your property. This can de-escalate situations and prevent further violence or harm.

To Get Quicker Response Times
Right now, police response times can be slow – particularly if there are protests or other forms of unrest in your town. Seattle police statistics, for example, show that last year, police took an average of six minutes to respond to high-priority emergency calls, but an average of 18 minutes for priority two calls, and 49 minutes for priority three and four.

The problem? A combination of decreased staffing and increased crime rates in a growing city.

Private security companies can make up for these concerns and provide quicker, more efficient response times because your business will always be our top priority. During tense moments, this can make all the difference.

To Provide Protection Without Tension of Police Presence
In many instances, police presence can actually escalate a situation and inflame tensions. Private security guards, on the other hand, do not elicit the same response. However, there is comparable training, including training in:
General security protocol and services
Public relations
General duties
Observe and report
Powers to arrest
Weapons of mass destruction

As a result, we can effectively calm situations that police presence may inadvertently worsen.

To Protect the Right To Protest
The right to protest is a constitutional right. The correct security team can help keep things safe so protesters can preserve this right and effectively express themselves without issue or concern.

To Discourage Riots
Many locations – like shopping centers – are, by nature, at a higher risk for rioting (even if a protest isn’t imminent).

Private security can help you establish a proactive plan for protecting your home, shopping center, or building complex should a riot arise. That way, you’ll never be caught off guard.

Furthermore, simply having a security presence can often serve as a deterrent against theft, vandalism, crime, and volatile situations. If something isn’t easy, it’s often not seen as worth it.

To Help Manage Frazzled Customers
Today, even average customers and day-to-day visitors can be uncharacteristically hostile. Everyone is stressed out by the pandemic and hyper-sensitive to mask-wearing policies and negative energy coming from others.

Trained security personnel can help manage these frazzled customers and de-escalate interactions before they turn into significant concerns by speaking with respect, kindness, and training.

To Protect Against Looting and Property Damage
Commercial construction sites and high-end residential communities are increasing their security presence to protect against potential damage.

Though this may not be necessary in many cases, it can provide much-needed peace of mind, particularly as police resources are saved for other situations.

Final Thoughts
The right security team can provide your shopping center, business park, or residential community with the presence you need to de-escalate situations, maintain safety, and discourage unsafe protesting or riots.

Give us a call to learn more details about how Steadfast Security Inc. Can help you.


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