Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Security at your Shopping Center

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In July 30, 2019
Security at your Shopping Center

A huge number of people visit the various shopping malls every day in order to buy different things. Shopping malls not only comprise of various shops and brands selling their items, but also have areas like the parking lot, food court and restrooms where people interact with each other for various reasons. Although the customers may not interact with each other directly however they are in close proximity to give birth to different criminal activities. Illegal and unethical activities like pickpocketing and stealing others belonging are very common in shopping malls. Not only customers try to pickpocket and steal from each other but even shopkeepers and the working staff is also sometimes involved in such activities. Therefore, it is not only important for each customer to take care of their belongings, but it is also essential that the shopping mall management has a fool proof security system, to ensure that such activities do not take place. The type of security provided to the customers needs to be such that it not only ensures the safety of the customers goods but also takes the security of their money and integrity under consideration. The size of the shopping mall does not dominate the security measures taken by its management.

Types Of security at shopping malls:

1. Installing CCTV camera

CCTV camera acts as a monitor and surveillance device keeping a record of all the activities that take place in the shopping mall. It is important to install CCTV cameras in areas like the food court, parking lot and corridors of the shopping mall as most thefts and crimes take place in such areas. CCTV cameras able to record any crime, mishap or an unethical activity that takes place in any part of the shopping mall. Moreover, it helps in finding the criminal after the act has taken place ensuring that the belongings are recovered. The CCTV camera is an additional layer of security as it is able to capture any activity taking place at any odd angle, which may not be seen by the human eye.

2. Security guards

While the CCTV cameras provide a good level of surveillance however it is important to have security guard stationed at different places in the shopping mall. Security guards are not only able to identify the criminal activities and stop them, however they also trained to report and remove any suspicious looking person from the shopping Centre. This allows unethical and criminal activities to be prevented. Furthermore, the security guards are also patrolling the different areas of the mall ensuring law and order is maintained throughout the shopping Centre. While the patrolling security guards are busy in ensuring that any kind of suspicious activity does not take place, the static security guards help the visitors and also restrict unwanted entry. As the security guards are well equipped and trained, they help and play an important role in times of emergencies.

3. Parking lot Security

The area with the highest possibility of the unethical and criminal activities take place is the parking lot of the shopping centers, therefore it is important to ensure that the proper security system is installed in the parking lots. The security system mostly comprises of CCTV cameras at different places to ensure that any form of activity is caught on camera. Moreover, the security guards stationed in the parking lot have access to the video surveillance of the CCTV cameras and they make sure that the suspicious looking individuals are removed from the premises of the parking lot immediately.

4. Fire and healthcare security

Being a public place, which is visited by a huge number of people every day, incidents like fire are highly common in shopping centers. Therefore, it is important to have a proper mechanism in order to prevent such incidents. As a preventive step many shopping centers, have smoke alarms installed in shops and corridors, to ensure that if there is any form of fire, the alarm notifies the respective authorities an immediate help can be sent. In case a fire breaks out at a shopping center the people are instructed to evacuate the center immediately and are moved to a safer ground. Moreover, the fire is immediately extinguished, and any casualties are dealt with.
With such a huge number of people visiting the shopping centers daily, medical emergencies are bound to take place. In case of a medical emergency, the people trained in medical sciences are ushered to the scene to ensure that proper care and medication is given to the patient. A doctor is always present on the shopping Centre premises to avoid any medical emergency.

5. Proper screening of the staff

The customer to customer interaction is usually the reason behind the criminal and unethical activities taking place at the shopping center, however there are cases where the shopping mall staff and employees are involved in such activities as well. therefore, it is important to ensure that the employed person is not only ethical but is also highly observant. The shopping mall staff does not only comprise of the staff working at the shops and brands but also includes the property manager, cleaning crew and the customer service representative. Therefore, it is important that every single individual who is employed as the shopping mall staff takes great care of their ethical conduct and is highly aware of their environment so that they report any such activities.
The security of the shopping malls plays an important role in determining the influx of visitors as poor security system can lead to lower number of customers. To ensure that the security is not compromised, installing high quality surveillance cameras, employing highly trained and equipped security guards and having trusted staff members is important. While the screening of the staff needs to be done carefully, it is important that they become observant of the nature of the customers, to differentiate a common behavior from a suspicious one. Reporting suspicious activities and individuals helps in preventing criminal activities.

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