Ideas to Reduce Paper Consumption at Your Office

By steadfast
In June 25, 2018

Paper and cardboard constitute up to 90% of the waste generated in the offices.

Worrying about the environment is a matter for everyone. You can start with the following 9 tips to reduce the use of paper in the office.

1 – Avoid printing everything that has no use: e-mails with which you do not have to work, bills that you have already printed, documents that are not final versions, or simply those things that you can point to in a couple of lines in your book.

2 – Whenever you can, print double-sided.

3 – Reuse all the printed sheets to one side as you can. Everything that does not have personal or relevant data can be used to print work papers before recycling them.

4 – You can always make notebooks with printed paper on one side only. Yes, you spend a spiral, but when you finish the notebook you can reuse it for another.

5 – The same idea of the notebooks can be applied to make smaller notebooks cutting in half or in quarters if you have a paper guillotine. By stapling the sheets into thin blocks you can have notebooks to take notes of phone calls or pending tasks.

6 – When you can not reuse the paper to one side because it contains sensitive data, chop it in the paper shredder, and then everything to the blue recycling bin.

7 – And the same when you have already used paper on both sides: in offices, there are usually (and increasingly) places to deposit paper for recycling.

8 – A very frequent comment that I hear when it comes to recycling is that “at the end everything is mixed”. If you have the certainty that whoever takes care of it does not recycle the paper, maybe you can do it yourself. Made a recycling team, and when the containers are full, took the paper and cardboard bags to the clean point. I know that this is not available to everyone, but if you have the possibility, why not?

9 – And above all, if you see that it is not recycled and that you can not recycle it, try to reduce your consumption as much as possible with all the previous points. All the paper that you do not use will be a paper that will not be recycled.

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