Simple Ways to Reduce Office Electricity Usage

By steadfast
In June 27, 2018
Simple Ways to Reduce Office Electricity Usage

It seems that when we talk about offices we only think about paper waste, and it is a very important part, but not all. There are a few ways to carry out responsible consumption in the place where you work. In addition to a lot of paper consumption, the offices consume a lot of electricity.

1 – Turn off the lights in meeting rooms that nobody is using, or in the bathrooms, if the lights are still manual. When there is no need for lighting, better turn off.

2 – Also turn off the screen of your computer when you are not going to use it for a while, for example, when you enter a meeting, when you go for a coffee, when you are doing a task that does not require it, etc. The screen is one of the parts that consumes more energy than all that your computer has, so simply giving the off button saves a little bit of that electricity. When you need to work with him, you turn it on again, and everything will remain in place, because you have not turned off the computer.

3 – Turn off the computer when you leave, as long as you are not going to connect from a remote desktop afterwards (there are cases, yes …). What I’m saying is a no-brainer, but I’ve seen many computers spend the night awake. It is one thing to forget one day, for some reason, and another to do it by system. If you’re not going to use it remotely, turn off, and let him rest too.

4 – Monitor the temperature of the place where you work. Although each one of us has a different body temperature, and the facilities we work with may be very different, it is often easy to see when we are going through heating or air conditioning. There are those who are comfortable in summer when they can wear a jacket, and in winter when they can wear short sleeves, but that means that the temperature is not adequate and that energy is being wasted. For example, if it is very hot it is better to close radiators before opening windows.

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