How to Prevent Gift Card Fraud This Holiday Season

By steadfast
In November 21, 2019

If you’re giving or getting a gift card, some safety tips to follow:

●Buy from a reputable source.

●Look for gift cards that are either near, at or behind the register, or those that need to be loaded with funds before they’re usable.

●Look carefully at the gift card before you purchase it.
Don’t buy a card if it looks as if it has been tampered with. For example, many cards now have a PIN or personal identification number that is unique to that card and is located on the back under a silver scratch-off area. If that area has already been scratched, don’t buy the card. In fact, you should give the card to store management.

●Remember when it comes to decals, thieves can easily scratch those off and then replace the material with identical or similar decals that are sold very cheaply by the roll online.

●Check your receipt to make sure your gift card has been activated.

●Make sure your receipt matches the gift card that you purchased.

●Save your gift card receipt.

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