6 Common misconceptions about parking lot security cameras

By steadfast
In December 7, 2017
Parking lot security cameras

The majority of visible parking lot security cameras you see are recording all the activity in the shopping center. Although many of the cameras you see may not record all the time and some don’t even work at all.

For budget reasons, many people choose to put up “dummy” cameras. While the cameras do not work to record a video, they do work to provide a visible deterrent to criminal activity.

Parking lot Security Cameras with High definition are the best for most properties.

High definition cameras, while providing additional clarity, may not actually make any difference when it comes to using your video as evidence in court. Proper camera angles are often more important.

Wireless Cameras are superior to wired cameras: While wireless may cost a bit less for installation, the actual equipment can often cost 2 -3 times more. Additionally, the recording quality may be poor unless you get the ultra high-end version.

Camera’s you buy online for half the price are just as good: Unless you have an abundance of time, which most of us do not, you are way better off going with a professional installation company who knows the cameras and will be able to make repairs on them. Having to buy brand new cameras, because the one you bought breaks and is unsupported can be costly.

Active Camera’s are streaming video to a place where someone is watching all the time: No, most active cameras just record everything at a central location and used when needed. There are, however, some wireless remotes that have a screen that allows you watch and change camera angles on the go. This is ideal for a parking lot with an active security guard.

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