How to be safe in rainy weather

By steadfast
In January 10, 2018

 Stay safe during the rainy season is a task that involves us all as citizens. This time of year, in addition to giving us a break from the heat, can bring us some risks at home, when walking on the street or driving, if you do not take into account some precautionary measures. Therefore, in Steadfast Security we share some recommendations to avoid accidents during this rainy season. Remember  How to be safe in rainy weather

How to be safe in rainy weather



  • Have a backup plan for emergencies, and a kit in case your business gets stranded.
  • If there is low visibility, pull over in a safe area (if possible) and wait for the rain to ease up. Remember to keep your headlights and hazard lights on.
  • Wear the appropriate clothes. Deep-tread, waterproof and nonslip shoes, raincoats, non-slip gloves,  bright/reflective clothes so they don’t get run over.
  • Use electrical tools and equipment that is rated for outside use. You don’t want any employees getting electrocuted. It’s good if hand tools have non-slip handles, too, so you don’t worry about the tools falling.
  • Make sure areas are properly lighted, and that goggles don’t fog up. This will prevent accidents.
  • Do not try to cross flood waters. The speed and strength of such water are deceptive, and it can bowl people over when it is only 6 inches deep.
  • Remind your employees to slow down and take extra care. Damp, slippery surfaces make people accident-prone, and someone slipping and dropping tools reduces productivity more than everyone taking the time to do things right.
  • Keep an ear out for flood news. The National Weather Service issues 3 types of flood warnings that will broadcast on the radio and TV.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings and move more slowly, especially if you’re using ladders or scaffolds.
  • If you wear safety goggles, spray them with an anti-fog spray to reduce low visibility. Also, you can wear a hat to safely keep the water out of your eyes.


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