Guards handing out hand sanitizer in shopping centers

How can our guard help protect people from coronavirus (and other diseases)

In March 11, 2020

Guards can offer more than one form of security, that’s what we think here at Steadfast Security.

For example now that we got a viral pandemic which is quickly getting out of hand, we have to be extra careful with our sanitary habits while around public areas such as shopping centers. That’s where our guards go the extra mile to take care of your health in more than one way.

By offering antibacterial gel at several areas around the property and incentivizing people to clean their hands while visiting will help reduce the risk of contagion of not only coronavirus, but other more common diseases like the common flu in the area.

Another measurement our guards can take to ensure the public’s health is handing out facemask and giving people proper training in how to use it, as well as small courses on common ways to avoid contagion and ways to spread it; knowing the proper way to sneeze for example.

Steadfast Security always incentivizes ways into taking care of the people that it is sworn to watch over, not only as a security guard, but as part of a society greater than the property it belongs to.

Remember to wash your hands and to always maintain good sanitary habits, now more than ever that we face a threat that can be as big as coronavirus.

Steadfast Security, the security you need to be healthy, everywhere.

If you want to know more about tips to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we suggest you visit this website:

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