How to take care of yourself over the holidays.

By steadfast
In December 21, 2018

new years eve

These moments, in addition to parties and reheating, are worth paying attention to health.

Not to be distracted by the whole movement of gifts, travel and family must forget to take care of the body.

Avoid excesses. In everything, be it in food, in alcohol, in tobacco, and in sleep. With the holidays, it is easy to forget that some food may fall heavy, or the importance of moderate alcohol intake. Consequently, if you forget, you may have discomfort or even an accident when leaving the party. It’s better to celebrate safely.

Try to plan, among New Year’s resolutions, to improve the habits we have. Maybe to lower the cigarette, eat better, do some exercise, or even improve the attitude at work. The important thing is to have some purpose, in addition to the usual ones, that involves improving your health.

You can propose to start the year knowing how your body is, your health. Maybe going to the doctor starting the year if you almost never go, to see if you are as healthy as you feel, or if maybe there is something to improve or fix.

At this time it is common to go on vacation, to do some relaxation and exercise right now is a great idea. Take into account that it is about returning the year that comes in with the batteries well placed, no more tired.

Be careful with the type of amusements that exist at the time, for example, with pyrotechnic games. In these dates, it is frequent the entrance of patients to hospitals for burns. Better avoid them.

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, or any other illness that requires daily care, do not forget to take your medications daily, monitor your levels and avoid excesses to avoid out of control.

Have on hand the data of a hospital and doctor you trust in case you need them during these dates. It can be difficult to find attention during these holidays.

These are just some tips that may sound repetitive, but it’s worth taking them into account since sometimes they seem so obvious to us that we overlook them.

First of all, spend happy holidays!

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