Halloween Tips For Landlords And Property Managers

halloween safety tips property managers

To ensure that your property is safe and well-prepared for the oncoming activities, implement these important safety precautions.

Keep outdoors well-lit:

It gets dark earlier this time of year, which can make it difficult for trick or treaters to see where they’re going. If you expect a lot of young children trick-or-treating in your building, ensure your exterior lighting is functional. Parking lots and common areas should also have adequate lighting installed.

Pathways and entrances pose hazards for children and adults roaming the property hoping to trick-or-treat. Furthermore, not only can minor and serious injuries occur due to the excess darkness, but criminal activity can heighten in the shroud of darkness. Keep your tenants and your property protected by ensuring there is adequate lighting.

Keep walking paths clean:

Make sure that any walking paths are free from leaves and other debris. Clean up all tripping or falling hazards on the property.
Sugar-crazed children in bulky costumes can spell disaster when combined with debris or tripping hazards. To prevent an injury occurring on your property, ensure that all trash and maintenance equipment is properly contained and out of walkways. Be wary of organic matter causing a fall as well, trim bushes and plants to provide plenty of space on your walkway. Remember that excited young trick-or-treaters may use your lawn as a shortcut to that coveted Halloween candy; be sure to clear the lawn as well as fill any holes that could cause tripping.

Check smoke detectors:

Jack-o’-lanterns need candles, and with candles comes the risk of fire. No matter how careful renters may be, accidents still happen. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check smoke detectors prior to Halloween and replace batteries, to make sure that they are working. Failure to do so could result in a fire, or worse yet, an injury or fatality. You can’t be too safe when it comes to fire. Also, be sure to look out for any potential fire hazards outside of tenants’ units – like a jack-o-lantern that sits too close to decorative material. Speaking of jack-o’-lanterns and candles, why not recommend flameless candles to your tenants this year? They still perform the ultimate end goal of illuminating the decoration and don’t come with any of the fire risks. If you want to take things a step further, perhaps you can even provide flameless candles to tenants.

Test door locks:

Halloween is supposed to be all about fun and candy but that doesn’t mean that your renters shouldn’t take extra preventative measures to keep their belongings safe. After all, trick or treating means that there’s bound to be a lot of people milling about the property for candy. Noting this, we’d recommend that you ask renters to test their door locks and ensure that they are still working as they should, just in case someone attempts to enter their property during trick or treating hours.

Guarantee happy residents and a safe Halloween.

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