6 Quick tips on preventing your car from being broken into while shopping

By steadfast
In August 14, 2017

Driving a vehicle implies assuming a great responsibility, on the part of the driver, since it depends not so much on your safety and physical integrity,
but on that of third parties. However, for more responsible than you are driving, you can make small mistakes at the time of parking.
There, when the car is alone, it is the moment that the bands dedicated to the theft of vehicles take advantage to steal their car.

car with broken window


  • Never leave your bag or purse on the car seat. – would be thieves love to see this as it is so easy to quickly break the window and take the bag in a matter of seconds.
  • Lock your doors- too easy and yet statistically people often forget to do this!
  • Bring some Garbage- What? Well not exactly garbage, however, this tip is especially helpful when you are making several stops and you want to leave valuables in the car. Simply, keep some paper sacks and some plastic garbage bags in your trunk. Then just before going into the next store put as many valuables as you can in the trunk and then spread the garbage and paper bags over the remaining valuables in the cabin. This will hide them and give the appearance that you are some sort of pack rat or that you live in your car. This makes you not a good target, I promise…
  • After dark, park underneath a light pole- This makes the bandit think twice about being spotted by someone.
  • Park near the entrance- When you park near an entrance there is typically much more pedestrian traffic, making it more difficult for the criminal to find the right time to strike.
  • Tint your windows- Window tint obscures the view inside your car, often times making difficult to see if anyone is in the car without getting very close.


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