Benefits of having a Paperless Property Management Office

By steadfast
In January 9, 2020

Thousands of businesses every single week are moving from traditional workflows with paper to a relatively new process of working without paper.  There are benefits to ditching the hard copies for a digital solution. Property managers are finding that Switching to a paperless office has many advantages. Isn’t just environmentally friendly, it also increases productivity and saves time, space, and money.

Reduced costs


A lot of people think going paperless will end up being more expensive. Did you know that 45% of the paper printed in offices ends up trashed by the end of the day? (Source: The Paperless Project) That’s a lot of wasted money spent on paper and ink. If money is your concern about going paperless, stop worrying.

Without paper, you no longer have to pay for printer electricity or the copy machine. You don’t even  have to buy ink.  Also the cost of filing cabinets and storage rooms soak up plenty of budget. Going paperless eliminates these costs for your business, saving you major money. 

Improved communication.


 Mobile devices and widespread access to the Internet means that you can have instant access to information wherever you are. Your tenants can now communicate with you when it suits their schedule, not just during office hours. 

It’s faster, more efficient, and convenient


Storing documents online also means you can share them quickly and easily.

If there are multiple people working on the same project, each person can get access to the same document and edit it at the same time. To make things really easy, you can also backup an original version of the document so you don’t have to worry about any important information getting overlooked.

Required paperwork can be turned in quickly, which speeds up the dreaded paperwork process. Plus, you’re able to view the status of active properties without having to drive into the office.

Gives you a professional and tech-savvy look. 


Demonstrating professionalism is key to success. A paperless business will increase this professionalism and catch the eye of clients.. Documents are handled properly and transactions are smooth and quick – this is the kind of look you want to have as a Property Manager.

It Opens Up Space


All that paperwork takes up a lot of space. You have to have room for dozens and dozens of file cabinets.

One of the benefits of going paperless is clearing up that space. All your important documents can be stored online, so those filing cabinets can be tossed out.

The extra space can provide a larger, more productive work area.

It Reduces Risk of Loss


If something out of your control happened to the office, like a fire or flood, all of your paperwork and records would be lost. Even if you keep your paperwork offsite, it only takes one disaster to ruin your business.

By keeping your documents backed up online, you don’t have to worry about them getting destroyed. Even if something did happen to the computers, you can access them through any other computer.

It Enables You to Access Anything from Anywhere.


On a business trip but forgot to bring along some very important paperwork?

When your office is paperless, you never forget anything no matter where you go. You can just log on to your accounts from your phone and pull up any document you need.

It Improves Your Security.


Putting your documents online means you can keep them locked up behind passwords. Only the people who need to see the documents see them.

If you’re worried putting your paperwork online increases the risk of it being hacked or stolen, don’t be. Most business leaks actually happen because someone got a hold of paper documents, not because a hacker was able to break into any accounts online.

Simply put, going paperless is going to save you time and money. The benefits of going paperless definitely outway any initial costs or transition periods in the office. Keeping all your documents online will make your office more secure, allow your employees to be more productive, and will actually make your business run smoother. It’s a smart and strategic business move for those in property management.


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