Learn 12  Grounding Techniques to Treat Anxiety

By steadfast
In May 15, 2019

Grounding techniques are relaxing and pleasurable activities that decrease stress and anxiety. When you are anxious, you are out of touch with the present moment. Anxious thoughts are past and future-focused. These techniques help you reconnect to the present and feel calmer and safer in the here and now.

1. Exercise. Jump up and down on the spot. Try some gentle yoga, or ride a bike.

2. Go outside and watch the clouds or go for a walk.

3. Pet or play with an animal. If you don’t have one, visit a friend or shelter.

4. Check out an audiobook from the library and listen to it.

5. Go somewhere you’ve never been before (restaurant, museum, etc.).

6. Go to a park or the Arboretum and listen to the sounds in nature.

7. Get active. Do the dishes, clean your room, or redecorate. Organize your dresser or closet.

8. Meditate, if that’s OK for you. Otherwise, use distractions like television or music to help settle down.

9. Take a warm, relaxing bubble bath or shower and pay attention to the water touching your body.

10. Call a friend and talk to them about something you have recently done together or want to do together.

11. Light a candle of your favorite scent or visit a place with enjoyable smells (bakery, coffee shop, etc.)

12. Go outside. If it’s warm, feel the sun shining down on your face. If it’s cold, feel the breeze tickle against your skin. How does it make your body feel? Sit against a tree. Feel the bark pressing against your back. Smell the outside aromas like the grass and leaves. Run your fingers through the grass.

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