The guard experience

A guard from the system

In April 28, 2020

We are all rebels, we are all original, unique, different, one of a kind; and for that we are all exactly the same.

What? Were you expecting something motivational, uplifting, and inspiring that would help you in some way that you already know, but needed to read a blog to remind you of that?

No, this is not that kind of blog, I write about harsh truths, sometimes about life, sometimes about the industry we are involved in, what’s the point then? Why to keep on reading? Easy, because in times of political correctness this blog is a bastion of honesty, crude and painful reality as the world is. The new system of the world guards you from getting your feelings hurt, from being targeted by the way you look, the way you are, the color of your skin, all things that are really not important.

This blog post will guard you from the system, just be a good person overall, it is very easy, just be you at all times, even if you are a terrible

person be the asshole you were born to be if you want to, but be the same person to everyone, if you are not an asshole which I believe you are not, be nice then, what I mean is: Be the same flawed wonderful person you are, to all people just the same.
The guard experience
That’s the whole point of this post, that’s the real thing we should go for, free you from the shapes and start dealing with the essence, we as a company strive on going for the essence, we don’t see shapes, colors, or forms, we only see rule abiding people or troublemakers, that’s it.

If you are looking to get things done right we are the right people, if you are looking for something else we bid you good luck.


We hire like that, we work like that. No politically correct bull.

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