5 Security Tips for New Year

By steadfast
In December 27, 2017

security tips for the holidays



1.Beware of emails with mega Christmas offers that ask to click on a link to get the discount. Many are real deals from well-known stores, but true messages are mixed with fake emails that look real and take the user to a phishing replica site.

2.If you use your credit card to make online purchases, verify that the web address of the site starts with “https” and check the icon of your browser’s lock (usually located next to the address or at the bottom).

3. Caution when using cards.
At ATMs, it is always advisable to cover the keyboard when typing the password and go preferably to those who are located in crowded places such as shopping centers.

4. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or packages
If you received additional money in cash or bought many gifts in a single day, the best idea is to request the company of a relative or friend to move from one place to another.

5. Finally, if you publish photos taken with your cell phone or tablet in your social networks, verify that the option of the location of the camera is disabled (include GPS coordinates)

From the metadata of a photo, you can get the exact location of where it was taken. You will not want to invite thieves to your house for a shared photo in FB, maybe you will restrict it to your friends, but your friends could share it without malicious intent with the wrong people.

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