4 Retailtainment ideas to apply in your store

By steadfast
In September 27, 2019

Streamlining the point of sale and attracting the consumer is increasingly complicated …

With the arrival of the online world, free shipping and all the facilities of e-commerce, the traditional store is forced to change, and innovate. That is why the user experience becomes more and more important, going beyond the simple sale of a product or service to offer the consumer a unique moment that can only live in physical commerce. This can be done through events, from the showcase or, simply, with actions that entertain the customer, that is, through Retailtainment.

A term used for the first time by the American sociologist George Ritzer in his book Enchanting a Disenchanted World: Revolutionizing the Means of Consumption (2000), and which he defined as “the use of sound, environment, emotion, and activity to achieve that the customer is interested in the merchandise and motivate the attitude of purchase ”. Ritzer claimed that it was all about knowing how to seduce consumers, in a rational way.

It was a concept that sooner or later had to come, and that falls by its own weight. Because if retailers do not offer anything else, the client gets bored and probably chooses the competitors who know how to coax him. Adopting retailtainment ideas in our store is completely profitable, it takes us away from routine and monotony and surprises the consumer, who will spend more time with us.

1. Photographic scenarios for Instagram

With the madness of social networks, a large part of the public, and who is also a frequent consumer, looks for scenarios to be photographed and share on their social networks. Instagram is a huge ally for sales and a unique promotional vehicle. You just have to take a look at these galleries to see how instagrammers take advantage of facades of unique buildings, painted murals or posters to take pictures. Get inspired!  paint a mural for your shop window, or inside your store!


For Media Noche, a fast-casual Cuban restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District, the hook was the floor.  Other Instagram triggers include banana-print wallpaper in the bathrooms, an old-fashioned white board menu with removable black plastic letters, and an exterior mural of pink flamingos, their heads bowed into the shape of a heart.

2. Interaction with products
The consumer can be entertained with something we have mentioned many times, such as product demonstrations to make it easier for them to see and touch something they may be interested in. One of the best examples are the LEGO stores, where you can not only play directly with the blocks but also admire giant sculptures made with their pieces.

Lego Store

3. Interactive and creative reviews
Customers like to comment, participate, and interact. So a good idea is to get them to do it creatively. We love the idea they had in Birmingham, in a design exhibition, in which they installed a mural in which they asked visitors to join together with colored threads the different concepts that made them think, create, change or that gave them happiness or sadness The result is a very striking and colorful visual map that we can reproduce in our store, replacing the concepts with something related to our products, to the satisfaction of the service we offer, or to the reaction of our clients during their visit. It is also a very relaxing activity.


4. Virtual reality in commerce
Augmented reality and virtual reality are two concepts that have much to contribute to retail, since they raise the user experience above anything thanks to its ability to include objects or situations that could not occur otherwise. Augmented reality is about to become commonplace in stores, facilitating that, for example, additional product information appears, or that we can decorate a room to see how it looks with the chosen furniture. Virtual reality is a completely immersive experience that will stand out in our commerce, especially if we are the only ones in the area to offer this type of experience.

Retailtainment ideas

These are just some ideas of retailtainment, but the limits are nonexistent. Everything you can think can be entertaining for your customers,  so they can stay in your business longer. So do not hesitate to innovate and get creative, since that is precisely what they are looking for when entering your store: something different, entertaining, and contributing to the products or services you offer.

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