2 stories you won’t believe from our guards on duty.

In May 28, 2020

Our guards are trained to observe, report and help, sometimes help first report later, but there are times that weird things happen, yes, weird and I don´t mean paranormal activity or aliens trying to bypass security, I mean people doing weird (not illegal) things around the facilities we guard, freezing the sharpest of wits and paralyzing judgment for a second, and leave our guards without knowing if they should laugh, act or just let them be, so here are two stories of the WEIRD world of being a security guard at a shopping mall.

Picture by Officer Juan Marin

Picture By Officer Juan Marin
A guy came with a bag mask to the mini mart at my mall not orthodox but lawful.

The Driverless truck.
As told by Officer Sam Gomsi.

As I was walking around the mall I am stationed conducting a patrol I came across a 2018 Ford F-250 truck (I know my trucks).
That in itself is not strange but I noticed it was moving very slowly without a driver (I thought that maybe it was on the loose or a sick person trying to drive it), I rush in to see if help was needed but then I saw a very sweaty man with his shirt off pulling the truck with an 18” 15’ strap. I asked him what he was doing and he replied that he is pulling the truck as a form of exercise. Amazing is the only word that came to mind at the time, he wasn’t speeding or endangering anyone yet he shouldn’t be doing that in the parking lot it seemed like a Solomonic decision I wasn’t ready to make, I can only thank God that he drove his truck away immediately following our discussion.

The Treehouse.
As told by Officer Jerry Lafargo

At the site I am stationed, one day while doing security inspections/rounds I heard music. I wondered where it was coming from, I had seen teenagers smoking in cars listening to music a few days before and asked them to leave which they did without any problems, as I walked towards the music I saw no cars around only a big old tree I flashed my light up the tree. That’s when I saw a homeless man staring down at me (I swear to God I thought he was going to jump at me like a jaguar or something, but I kept my cool). I asked him what he was doing up in the tree He said.- This is my house! and I told him he had to get down, it was private property, but he refused he said.- I have rights!
(I wasn’t angry not even upset at that point I was more amazed than worried about my own safety) I said.- You need to come down, those branches are not very safe for you, please comply or I will notify the Police. Still, he refused so I told him the police were called and he said.- You can’t take me away from my tree. Police showed up and at first, they were very serious about this but the man finally listened to reason, came down and the police officers offered to take him to a shelter.

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